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589 Pomfret Street
Pomfret, CT, 06259
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(860) 336 - 6668

Sound Sessions

Bathing yourself in uplifting sounds and music balances and heals your heart, mind and spirit.

You needn't be an experienced singer or have a good voice to experience this practice. In fact, I had never sung before I chanted my first mantra. It opened up a whole universe to me to have the confidence to explore sound as a pathway to union and expression. My sound practice is a tool that empowers me each day to express myself and touch into a space of fullness. I came to sound to heal my nervous system after experiencing trauma and PTSD. The physical practices of yoga were a great entry point, then the inclusion of sound took me deeper into my healing. 

I offer private one-on-one and small group sound sessions to teach you the tools you need to start your own sound practice. Sessions are personalized to meet you where you're at, beginning with an introduction to vocal toning and working with specific mantra to your unique healing needs. Each session includes time for practice, Q&A, and a sound healing with crystal bowls and marma point therapy using tuning forks to release blocked energy in the body. 

Private Session (90 min) / $108

  • Introduction to Vedic mantra 
  • Vocal toning exercises 
  • Guided meditative toning 
  • Crystal singing bowl & tuning fork with marma therapy
  • Practice sheets & recordings of mantra for home practice

Small Group Sessions / $240

I offer private small group sessions (3-5 people) in an intimate workshop setting to explore the sound practices and experience the healing that can take place when we're vibrationally aligned. I am also available for larger group immersions, please contact me to visit more about setting up an event in your area.